8 Jan 2011

Celcom Broadband trick

How to:

Please be noticed this is an educational purpose. Do on your own risk.

And please enjoy before celcom patch it.


Get a 3g prepaid celcom sim card and a modem.

You'll need RM6 in your credit balance. It would be a waste if you have more than RM6, less than RM6 you'll screw it up.


1) Text "Broadband Status" to 28882 to check your current subscription whether you're on subscriptions or not. Cancel any other broadband subscriptions to make this work. For more information please contact celcom's operators.

2) Text "Broadband Weekly" to 28882. Celcom replied.

3) Reply "Broadband Yes".

Important Note:

After the auto-reply replied your message(step 3), they'll send you two error messages whether it is "Error" or something like that or unsuccessful request due to insufficient credit balance or yeah something like that >.>. If you received an Error message then you'll have to repeat the step 2. If you received the second message then proceed to the next step.

4) Text "Broadband Daily" to 28882. Celcom replied.

5) Reply "Broadband Yes". Your subscription ends the next day you subscribed but the best thing is you still can surf the internet for a week.

Congratulations! Enjoy unlimited usage for a week.

512kb/s BB internet speed and up:

Get a 64k/128k/256k celcom 3g sim card and a 7.2mb/s modem.

Compare the price:

-Streamyx 512kb/s speed = Up to RM60 a month

-BB 512kb/s speed = RM24.

P/s: Whoever take credits from my work is a no lifer fags.

(source: harry oji)


hazel darwisya said...

Imma try this later when my bband expire :)

Min said...

i'm not sure this trick still working or not coz i just copy & paste from others. Hope it works.