23 Jan 2010


on thursday ago, i hv takraw training for my skool...dat was for da team selection... frankly speak, all of my player comes didn't know how to play or kick da ball...so, i think dat our selection (coach=me n 3 other DC teacher, Hafiz, wan n halis) is quite wrong bcoz if we want to chose the right player, i think dat all of them were not ready to play. but, as far as we had run the selection so we have decided 14 best player amongst them, not so quite good but i think okay la...
hehehe..enough about da team player bcouz if i talk about da skill in takraw, i'm also not very skilled player, telling da truth, i'm only play takraw during my childhood..it's only kampung game la...so, it hv been 15years from the last game i played...but, by looks at da positive ways, i think dat while coaches them, i also could learn to play that game... Holding towards da Principe, Do it at ur Best, then, the outcomes would be best...besides, i decide to take part in takraw bcouz of myself not anyone or either school... i do what i like to do..the rest is up to the eyes of beholder... whatever happens, i believed that if we do work sincerely insyaallah Allah will be on our side...

I hope for da best for my takraw team and hoppin dat our team will be qualified for da district match...INSYAALLAH

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