21 Nov 2009

As Usual

ermmm..mggu lpas ak da dpt smua mrkah utk xsimen semester 8..n smuanya sm mcm ak nyer prediction...thankx for da lecturer who mark my paper cuz able to read my essay(Cuz either i can't understand my writing)...lots of thin happen to me...i'm just hoppin' that tomorrow is a finest day for me...

xsimen is over now and Kissm will take place..i hope that i could successfully pass my Kissm exam...(i think dat KISSM is cauze most worried than my previous paper)..just to think dat the handout give to me is like a bunch of papers...it thickness is more than my buku text sejarah tgktn lima....just hoppin the question given were not so troublesome...(i hate to confess that i'm nt the kind of book reader especially dealing with lots of words...if i had choice, i rather chose add maths than kissm paper...)

ok..laters...hppin for da best for me and also all my frenz...cuz i hate to confess that i feel so lucky to have u all as my frenz...just hope that our posting will be on semananjung m'sia...but no matter where the places or when, but as long as we are teacher..try to give best for the pupils...go....GO>>>GO>>>>CHAIYYOKKK.....

(kt bwh ni link utk semak penempatan posting..tp xyah r check skrg sbb nm xkuar ag...mgkn awal bln 12 br BPG akn kuarkan nama)


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